Share Windows connection via WiFi?


Can you share a VPN connection via WiFi? Ive got a version of Linux running and want to share the windows connection via wi-fi to the Linux box.



  • Hello Chrisino, Are you trying to use your windows connection as a WiFi hot spot for your Linux box or are you trying to share the same WiFi connection between the two devices?  
  • Hi. I'm using batocera which is a Linux distribution but it's so niche that the Kodi version it's running doesn't have a dedicated open vn plug-in. I thought if I could run pia windows app and share that connection via WiFi to batocera then that might work. Have you got any info on how to do this. You should really try and get a plugin working on Kodi. I'm tempted to cancel and find one dedicated to kodi but if you can help me with a resolution then I won't.
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