Do I Have TWO IP Addresses?

I am on PIA's Chicago tip. When I mouse over the icon in the notification area, it indicates my IP address is US Chicago (

However, when I do a test on, it indicates my connection is in Arizona with the IP address of

I looked around the forum and can't locate any posts that can explain why this occurs. Can someone help me understand this?


  • Hi there @Adequate_Samaritan,

    The reason you're seeing two addresses here is that the first (in the tooltip when you mouse over the icon) is the IP address of the server you're connecting to. 

    The second IP is your outgoing IP, which is assigned to you after you initially connect to the gateway server. This IP is the one you'll see on and anywhere else you choose to browse.

    We made this change earlier this year to enhance security — nothing to be concerned about!
  • Wow, I just saw this. Sorry it took so long to acknowledge. Thank you.
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