Very low download speed on German server

I live in Germany and my connection download speed is 100 Mbps. When I connect to Germany server, the speed drops to 35 Mbps. I tried Netherlands server as well because it's close to me and the speed is even lower (15 Mbps). I compared it to other VPN services (Nord and Express) and I got about 60 Mbps.
I've been using PIA for a year and I remember it used to be faster than Express VPN. Why is it now that slow?


  • Even worse for me here in Newfoundland, Canada. I am seeing 9.5Mbps without the VPN, (normal for us) and a measily 0.2Mbps with it. Yikes, totally unusable! What gives? (this nonsense just started over the past day or two. 

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    And of course I get no help from the staff. I honestly see no reason now to renew my subscription for another year.
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