PIA stuck loading

I have been unable to use PIA for the past few months. Stuck at loading, tried clean installs, even tried removing all residual files and registry keys after an install, still nothing. 
Windows 10
PIA v72


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    Do you have any security software on your device? 
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    Thanks Jason, not sure why I didn't try that sooner. Disabled avg and it worked. Any idea which exceptions I need to create?
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    Hey @thizizack

    Here is a link describing which file exceptions to add. 

    Please let me know if you have any other questions :)  
  • I completely removed all anti-virus on my computer because PIA consistently has been getting stuck on "Loading..." issues. v71, v72, and v73—none have worked. I've changed my DHCP, DNS, and turned off my IPV6 entirely. Still doesn't work.
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