Chrome extension problems [Solved]

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I just installed the Chrome extension, inserted my username and password, hit Login, and got this:
Login request returned an unexpected server response (400 Bad Request)

Anyone seen this before and have a solution?

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  • Hi, Sorry you have been having an issue with our extension. You should try clearing your browser history, cache, and cookies and clearing your DNS cache. Its possible that stored data is causing the Bad Request response. Let me know how this works for you and if necessary I'll troubleshoot the issue with you further. 
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    Very good. Clearing the dns cache within Chrome fixed the problem.
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    I'm distrustful of all things Google, especially after dialoguing with former Google employees and discovering all the ways they data mine and share info with NSA. So I don't anticipate using this very often.

    Firefox is my go to browser. Is there any likelihood that PIA will ever be releasing a Firefox app? I ask because the Bypass List feature is particularly useful (so many sites these days that ban vpns, such as banks, etc.). 
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