VPN iPhone and Mac hotspot

I have got PIA VPN on both my iPhone and Macbook Pro.  I can turn on VPN PIA on both.

My questions:

(1) does anyone who uses the hotspot on my iPhone (with VPN enabled) enjoy the benefits of PIA VPN?;

(2) is it redundant to turn on the PIA VPN's on both devices when using the hotspot?



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    I've tried this out myself to verify.

    1. Yes
    2. Yes, but in this case there's no harm in the redundancy. Just as fast either way for me, and the benefit is that if the vpn on the iPhone goes down you're still behind the vpn on your MBP.

    I hope you have a much bigger data plan than me though. I can burn through my 3gb/mo data plan pretty fast when I'm using my iPhone as a hotspot.
  • @tomeworm

    Thanks mate. I have got unlimited data plan on my iPhone.

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