Craigslist Still Knows Where I Am... But How?

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Ok I can't seem to figure out how craigslist still knows where I am. I have PIA running v72 (Latest). I have a fresh browser (slimjet) running with everything cleared since beginning of time. Java disabled. WebRTC disabled. Running in incognito mode. Type in CL's web address and what do you know? They still know where I am. Can someone PLEASE explain this to me. I have searched google and have not found any satisfying information on it.

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    I'm confused, assuming that you are saying your real non-VPN location is exposed and that's what the pic you posted is supposed to demonstrate ....

    The pic you posted shows normal PIA gateway location information - that's the way its supposed to look. Where does it reveal your actual non-VPN location?

    Are you saying that you think the VPN gateway location information should not be showing, as in no location at all showing not even the VPN gateway provided location?

    That's the way its suppose to work, to give you a location that is not your real non-VPN location and that's what the pic you posted shows. In other words that shown in the pic is normal for PIA VPN use.

    As for Craigslist, if you enter '' in the browser it should bring up the page for the area (closest) it detects you being in, for example using VPN texas gateway like in your pic it would show:

    it should show 'dallas / fort worth' as your location at the top of the craigslist page, and have you automatically directed to ''. This would be normal and expected VPN activity and location information. Are you seeing something different as in your actual non-VPN location exposed at craigslist?

    Or... are you saying that your actual location is in Texas and you are using the Texas gateway and the gateway information just happens to match your real location in Texas? If that's the case then use another gateway.

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  • Ok let me try to make this a bit easier. I am NOT located in texas. I am using PIA and PIA is supposed to be my connection to craigslist yet when I go to CL with all info cleared from my browser they STILL know where I am. How does CL know where I am if PIA is connected?
  • No, The pic I showed was there so people could see all the things I disabled. but somehow craigslist still knows where I am. This is such a simple question. How does CL know where I am?

    you want it in layman's terms? Ok. So you download slimjet. And you have PIA running. the browser is completely oblivious to CL and your visits yet somehow they know where I am specifically. How do they know where I am if PIA is running?
  • Thats my point. It DOES show my actual location when connected with PIA.
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    yes its a simple question, but your pic made it confusing as the pic shows normal and expected VPN behavior indicators.You mentioned that you had 'cleared' everything, disabled webrtc and java, etc.... but you made no mention of the number one leak possibility for location and that's an EDNS0 capable leaking DNS which will respond to requests for, or expose, location and that site you used for your posted pic doesn't care really and is lousy at revealing EDSN0 location info so its not reliable for that sort of detection where as the craigslist site is very good at detecting such because that's (EDSN0) what it depends on to get people into the right area of the site. So your simple question was made not so simple and confusing by the way you posted with the pic and excluded information.

    Anytime a true location is revealed on VPN the very first place one should check, after ensuring the browser isn't doing it (e.g. webrtc), is the possibility of a DNS leak. So start there.

    What DNS servers are you using when this happens?

    Did you try PIA DNS leak protection enabled?
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