Why can't I use the iplayer even when I have closed PIA completely?

As it says on the tin. This ISN'T  a 'why can't I use the iplayer' issue. I understand that and PIAs' less than market competative attitude to it. But could some one please explain to me exactly why I am STILL being IP blocked even after I have closed the client and restarted Firefox, Chrome and (as unholy an experience as it was to test) MS Edge?
I have no issues with just turning the vpn off to watch the iplayer. I'm in the uk and I pay my TV licence but having to shut everything down, stop the client connecting on start up and then restart my whole flippin' pc just to watch Mock the week is now officially taking the screaming micheal.

Is there some background preocess I need to kill or am I going to be following the herds of PIA customers promptly b*ggering off to a different, better, provider that actually runs a competative, regular IP rotating, customer based service?

Answewrs on a postcard please...


  • Hey @p7891314

    I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. 

    What operating system are you using? 
  • Hi,
       Windows 10 Home on a year old machine and I'm on a Virgin Media router. It looks like it's maybe not actually disengaging the vpn ip when the client is shut down. Hence the 'are there specific processes I can kill in taskmanager?' Normally it would be laziness about having to get up and go accross the room to turn the pc back on since a restart won't always do it, but I'm disabled and once I'm settled it is a mission to get unsettled again...

    Also, I clear my cookies regularly, have tested this in Firefox, Chrome and Edge incognito mode and have tried every fix and work around to do with the iplayer that I could google since it started several weeks ago.

    So far only turning it off and back on again is working...
  • Hey @p7891314

    You may have tried this already, but I will have you go through these instructions to make sure you are killing the PIA app completely. 

    First, open Task Manager. You can either search for it in the start menu/screen, or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select "Task Manager" (or equivalent in your language).

    Go to the details tab (it's the second last for me)

    In this list, look for ​pia_manager.exe​.

    You should see two of them. One of them is the supervisor process and its sole responsibility is to restart the other one if it crashes (so the app can restart and resume operation).

    Select the one with the smallest PID number.

    Right click on it, and select End process tree​.

    Accept the disclaimer.

    After a few seconds, all the other PIA processes should exit. Putting your mouse over the tray icon should make it disappear instantly (as the app is now closed and the icon invalidated).

    Please let me know if this has changed anything. 
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