iOS VPN stops transfering data once or twice a day!

Hi, I have and iPhone 6s on iOS 11. The PIA VPN loses connection a couple of time a day. It still show the VPN icon in the status bar of the phone, but internet data stop transferring until I turn OFF and back on the WiFi. Once or twice a day it happens and I have to go into settings and turn the WiFi OFF and then back on for internet data to work again. It has to be something to do with the iOS app, as I have PIA VPN app on my Mac and it doesn't happen with the same server. So I don't think it has something to do with the server or my internet provider as it doesn't disconnect on my Mac but just on iOS. It also happens on my iPad the same problem. Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Having to turn wifi off and back on to re-enable the internet data?


  • I had this problem as well. When you open the app, does it say "VPN IP resolving..."?

    I posted about this a while back on the forums, and support told me to use the openVPN app. It still disconnects, but less frequently than PIA's own app.

    See that exchange here if it helps:
  • It's terrible.....why can't it stay connected ?! Major problem if every 24 hrs you gotta reconnect the VPN manual. OpenVPN doesn't auto connect on iPhone startup
  • Works great on MacOS on Macbook pro...the iOS version keeps not's still on wifi but no internet data goes through. WHY?
  • Same issue with the iOS app here only I have to disconnect/reconnect 3-4 times a day, both on wifi and 4G.
    PC client OTOH is rock stable.
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    Have you guys tried using the OpenVPN Connect app instead of the PIA app?

    The problem with the PIA app is that due to licensing issues with the AppStore, on iOS only we use Apple's stock implementation of L2TP/IPSec which leaves us with little control over how the VPN operates. It suffers from the exact same issues as if you manually configured it in the settings... Even the OpenVPN Connect app doesn't have it easy on iOS and there's still situations where the app just can't act and reconnect because of Apple's restrictive background apps model.
  • Thanks for the explanation Max, that makes sense.
    It only takes a couple of seconds to disconnect/reconnect the VPN so I'm not bothered enough about it to switch client.
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    I recommend OpenVpn for Android open soure.

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