PayGarden is frustrating — awful experience

I've been trying to get PIA with a gift card for the last week but Paygarden has been having an internal error so it's unable to process my card.

I've contacted support and they said they were looking into it, without any timeline to fix it. My card is on the list of accepted gift cards and should work without any problem according to their FAQ.

I consider my 50 dollars lost, I think I'm going to use another VPN service.


  • Hey @piau

    I'm sorry to hear this has been such a frustrating process. 

    If you can let me know your ticket number, I will be happy to look into this for you. 
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    had thisproblem last year with a non-US prepaid Visa card  - not accepted by PayGarden

    Ended up using card with itunes via iPad. that worked.

    Need to renew sub soon so I'll see what happens this year
  • Ah, OK.

    Additionally, here is a link describing the different types of payment we accept - just as a reference if you need it. 

    Please keep in mind that our billing system does not allow for the changing of payment methods on the same account. 

    If you encounter any issues, please let me know. 
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    from your above payment methods link

    "iOS In-App purchased accounts can be extended by using the "Renew" button in the PIA iOS app. The Renew button will extend these accounts for another term identical to the one used to make the initial purchase. (Note: this feature will not renew accounts purchased outside of iTunes)"

    This should be included in your FAQ as a way to renew rather than start a new account with new id and pwd and therefore the need to re-set up the PIA app on each device ( I have multiple devices)

    Thanks for the link
  • Yea that makes sense. Thanks for the feedback — I will pass this suggestion along. 
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