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I run PIA on a Windows 8.1 machine with no problems.  However, I've set up a network and Internet Sharing on the same machine and my second computer is logged onto that network and can successfully access the internet.  But, the second computer's connection is not utilizing the PIA vpn - instead, it's going through to the internet directly over the main router that the first computer is connected to.  I can tell because I'm trying it from a foreign country and the first computer goes to, but the second computer redirects to google.xx (other country), even though both have been set to go to as default.  Here's a schematic of the setup:

Router <-> Computer 1 (with PIA) <-> Computer 2 (can access internet, but the connection is not using the PIA, but going directly to the Router)

How can I solve this problem for the second computer?

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    Hey @swabygw

    Thanks for reaching out today!

    In order to be protected by our VPN with Computer 2, you will either need to: 

    - Download the PIA app on that computer 
    - Or setup PIA on your router 

    Please let me know if you have any questions — I'll be happy to assist.
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