TP link Model No. TL-WR940N

Hi Has anyone setup a VPN on a  TP link Model No. TL-WR940N ??

Really struggling with it, i have managed to get connected using L2TP but my connection speed is terrible i mean really slow

Can anyone off any advice??



  • I've noticed in the last few months that download speed has been TERRIBLE too. I've emailed support, and after a week I get a bot-like answer to change my ports and connect to a different server. Frankly, even trying it after 4-5 servers I might find something, but this is too frustrating and I might just switch to a different VPN provider. 
  • Hi Thanks for the reply

    Glad (well not really) to hear that other people are experiencing similar issues i have changed servers ports etc....and the speed is the pits.....i ran a speed test on my internet just and it came back as 1 upload 0.8 download!!! 

    Turn off the service and the speed is fine......really not impressed so far!!

    think i maybe asking for refund!!
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