Minimum speed for a VPN

I am a complete learner when it comes to all of this so please excuse me.
I am on a SKY broadband wireless connection via a macbook pro running yosemite 10.10.5
My internet connection speed varies between 4.5 to 5 mbps.
Would a VPN run on this speed for torrenting.
If the answer is yes my two daughters stream youtube on theres phones.
Would I be able to connect through the VPN while my two daughters dont use the VPN using the internet at the same time.
Thanks for any replies


  • In short yes. If you have the VPN running in the machine that's downloading your torrents. As long as you're daughters are on a different device then their connection should not effect your torrents. It's possible that your speed can take a hit when connected to the VPN but if the drop is worse than the expected 10%-30% we have some options for restoring your speeds.
  • Thanks for the reply Jason
    I have been looking around for various VPN's and have come across a site where they have tested a few VPN's to use with sky.
    The best option's at the top of the list is IPVanish which has the best speed for use with Sky and looking at other reviews also allows torrenting.
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