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Hi ,
PIA is not working when using Microsoft Edge browser and Windows 10.
When testing with whatsmyip when using Chrome my public ip is hidden.
When  testing whatsmyip using Edge my ip address is my public ip address.

Thank you


  • Are you using the PIA Chrome Extension to connect? that only protects chrome you need to install the PIA VPN Client.
  • I am using both the VPN client and when using Chrome  I also use the Chrome  plugin. When I switch to Edge my IP address is showing as public and the VPN client enabled.

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    When you say your IP address is showing as public, which IP address? If it is the one that your ISP gave you then you have a leak somewhere. If the IP address you see is the public IP assigned by PIA, no worries. As long as your have no leaks with DNS then you should be good. But I wonder if maybe Microsoft Edge has a WebRTC that might be leaking your ISP IP address.

    added - just checked and Edge does not have WebRTC.
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