Permission Denied when setting up PIA Socks5 Proxy on Linux [Solved]

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Hi All,
Would really appreciate if anyone advise me regarding the issue described below,

I require proxy access on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (no need for VPN). 
I am refering to the PIA post below, announcing that proxy vs. VPN is now available:

I have generated the "X" username and password as recommended in this post.

Further on, I am using the below tutorial in order to set up socks5 proxy access:

This tutorial recommends (along with a few others) tp start with setting up an SSH tunnel with PIA proxy service.
So, I am running the command: 
ssh -D 1080
It then prompts me for the password.
And I am entereing generated password.

But the result has always been the same, times and over: "Permission denied, please try again".

So, first of all, I am wondering why is the permission denied? Is there something I don't understand about how this setup should be perfomed.

Please correct me,

Thanks in advance!
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  • Hey @annsib

    Thanks for reaching out today! 

    This is not working because you're trying to set up your own SOCKS proxy using an SSH connection. PIA does not offer SSH access, we only provide our SOCKS proxy ready to use.

    If you need a SOCKS proxy, then you simply need to enter our proxy information in the applications that need it (such as your web browser, P2P or any other software that supports SOCKS proxies). 

    If you were under the impression running the command alone would be sufficient to forward another command's traffic through PIA, then you probably actually want to use the VPN. In general, the full VPN works better and is less error-prone so we highly recommend to go for the app.

    I hope this has helped :) 
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    Hi PIAAustin

    thank you very much for a clear answer. 
    I understand that I have to go back to my application and attempt a socks5 setup there.

    you have saved me a lot of time with futile attempts ... :)

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