If one uses PIA + tor, can my ISP use DPI to determine whether I am using tor?

I looked around on the internet for an answer but most topics are geared towards the fact that DPI can occur from one's ISP but if one is using a good VPN that they will not be able to see everything but still a great deal more than if they did not DPI at all. For example, can PIA ensure that by using their VPN and the tor network, no DPI from my ISP will reveal anything about my internet activity save on HTTP sites? Or can my ISP find some information through data aggregation for example, such that after enough use of the tor network, they will be able to see that I am using tor? 

Thank you in advance :)


  • Your ISP will see an encrypted tunnel between you and the VPN sever and that's it and no amount of DPI can see into an AES encrypted tunnel.
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