How lazy can you be

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2 Years have passed and you lazy cumbergrounds still have not added an auto update (or even a notification) feature to your so-called software. If you truly care about your customers security you would go out of your way to make sure the software they are running on their systems is as up-to-date as possible, yet you do the opposite.

Your customers deserve better than this. My subscription is set to expire shortly and if you have not implemented such a feature by that time then I will be taking my companies business elsewhere and I would suggest others follow suit.

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  • The client is simple and works but i have to agree with you the client is lacking compared to other clients like nordvpn client.

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    Let's say for instance, the update server gets hijacked and it's unknown for a couple days. The updates you got in that time have been spreading malware and you've been completely unaware. This is all speculation but it has happened with ccleaner recently.

    If there was an implemented update function which downloaded the new app and checked the md5 sum and upon success, installed it, I'd say it's a good idea. However you still can't be 100% sure that you've got the update from the right source and that the info you're getting is true unless you do it yourself.
  • Thank you for your suggestion. I've forwarded it to our dev team for further consideration. 

    This is something we've seen quite a few requests for lately, so keep an eye out!
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    Auto update, no thanks. Notification yes.

    OSXer gave a very good reason for why auto update is a bad idea. Another reason is that PIA has long had a reputation with their updates of fixing prior bugs (well, even that is debatable) while introducing new ones, not to mention system incompatibilities.

    Any software I have that has an auto update feature I disable for this very reason. I'll always wait a few weeks for user reports to start coming in and decide from there.
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    Another release has been published yet again I had to discover this myself by going to the website and checking myself if a new release was available.

    Adding the notification feature would take under a minute to code and rubyw.exe already makes dozens of connections to mostly non PIA owned IPS anyway every time the application is started, so adding another legit connection to the fray to check for an application update is not going to hurt performance any, so you have zero excuses for not adding this feature other than you are lazy. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE
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