Advice on using utorrent

I know this section is for p2p but I want to ask anyway.

it is ok to talk about torrenting here ?.

If it is I will continue with my discussion


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    We ask that our users don't discuss any illegal activity. 

    Torrenting is completely legal in and of itself. I used qbittorrent to torrent Linux Mint 18.1 yesterday :smile:

    Discuss on!
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  • Well I have seen a topic talking about Encryption and a copyright notice so I figured it was alright to talk about Torrent Encryption.
  • Encryption is what PIA is all about. So discussions on encryption systems is good. Talking about downloading and seeding GOT is not good. So use your best judgement. If you think it might be questionable, then it is questionable and probably safe not to ask about it. But if your are having issues with your torrent when using PIA, ask away.
  • Well, here is something I just learned, and may help others. I have been using utorrent for a long time.... years. I've been using PIA a short time, almost a month. All of a sudden when I loaded utorrent, it would disconnect my internet. It was happening when I wasn't on the vpn. I think it happened occasionally with the vpn, but not often.

    I have solved it, at least so far. It seems to be the DNS I chose. I didn't want to use my ATT supplied DNS, cuz.... well... ATT and torrents probably not the smartest idea. Everyone always says use Google's they are the fastest. I don't really want to do that, cuz..... Google.

    So I ran the DNS speed checker from, good ole Steve Gibson's company. It tests thousands of name servers and ranks them by speed and if they intercept/hijack misspelled domain names you type in and visit. Google came up quickest for me, so I used the next one, don't remember the name. Shortly after that change I went to load utorrent and that's when my disconnects started. Searching the web didn't help me at all. After trying a few suggestions I found and nothing helping, I thought I would try a different dns. The only one I remember off the top of my head is Google's cuz they are and Popped them in my router, rebooted, and loaded the last different torrent program I tried which was qbittorrent. (one of the things I tried was different torrent programs). Low and behold, torrents download, and connections stay up.

    So, TL;DR version, if your torrent program disconnects you, change your DNS servers.
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