Where is the best location to install PIA that won't reduce wifi speed to a crawl

Some background ; I cut my cable (DirecTV) and am setting up a Smarthome. My internet provider is Frontier  Communications FIOS running 75/75 on a wired Ethernet connection although all of my devices are wireless and my best LAN speed is on my 5 Gigahertz band. I also use an Almond+ Extender with an Amazon Echo / Alexa system. My fastest speeds occur on the 5g Almond+ band (the Almond+ collects all data from smarthome devices so I can create ITTT routines to automate the home.  When installing PIA in my Streaming Video Boxes my speed drops so low my connection drops OR the video stops to wait until the Cache catches up. Once I turn PIA off my connection jumps to 20+ Mbps which is more than adequate. Frontier (Verizon) Routers don't allow you to install a third party VPN but I bought a ASUS RT-N66W router which should provide additional LAN ports and is highly rated for area coverage. Where is the best location to load my VPN that will have the least impact on download streaming speed while allowing more the five wireless devices to pass through the VPN??? Last: Ultimately I'm adding on a new bedroom and bath and will be installing a Ring Web Cam motion detector. I'm a retired Structural Engineer and I designed and built the house 24 years ago. The house is a one story with 10 foot ceilings and a flat roof located in the desert in California's Coachella Valley. When completed it will be approximately 2,500 square feet. The lot of only about 6,000 square feet and I need to be able to extend my WiFi to the limits of my lot which averages 60 feet wide by 89 feet deep.  Using a VPN protects my network from being discovered but the layout of interior walls may also be acting against me. The RT-N66W should create a farther reaching network. Sorry about the post size just wanted to get the relevant information out. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 
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