Client is now broken, DNS is screwed up

I would like to start by saying that I have had great results with private internet access for quite some time. A very happy customer!

However last night I was having some trouble connecting and instead of selecting " disconnect", I selected " exit". at this point, things started to go very bad. I am a pretty geeky type of a person, and I'm very comfortable reading Network traffic and understanding protocols. Now, the TAP adapter has a red cross on it. So I normally go through a home router I am now going straight through the modem, yet my machine refuses to give up it's local IP that it got from the router previously. My traffic looks pretty insane - with netbios trying to query Etc. I had the checkbox checked to prevent DNS leaks, so the dreaded changes were likely made to my operating system, which by the way is Windows XP Service Pack 3. I can connect my router and connect to the internet just fine with my smartphone. It's just a problem on my desktop computer that has the VPN client on it.

What do I need to do to fix things? I have no fear of doing anything that needs to be done.

Thanks in advance!
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