Cannot install on Leeenux

I have an Asus epc 701 netbook running Leeenux.  I cannot get the client to install, despite following instructions.  I get a command not found if I sudo the thing.  Somebody please help with this before it meets its end.  


  • Hey @Monochromeman

    Thanks for reaching out today! 

    Are you using any security software on your netbook? 
  • None that I know of.  It is possible that the private folders are encrypted from install.  Do I have to nuke it and start again? Leeenux is based on ubuntu/mint so i thought it would be ok.  
  • Encrypted home directories can definitely cause issues with the app, although that typically presents as an inability to connect after installation. Which version of the app are you trying to install? We released v74 today, although I see that Leeenux is based on Ubuntu 16.04, so I suspect the issue is unrelated to the ones we just pushed fixes for.

    If you continue to encounter issues with installation, I'd recommend using our network manager setup.
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