PIA Dropping Connection Repeatedly on OSX 10.9.5 - v65, v73 & v74

Similar to the High Sierra connection drops I am getting the same behaviour for the last 1-2 weeks on OSX Mavericks 10.9.5.

Symptom - PIA client connects and then connection drops after a few minutes. Sometimes it will then reconnect by itself but usually I have to go and manually reconnect - which does not always work first time.

PIA Client - It started with PIA Client V65 installed. I assumed that it may be due to the client being out of date. I followed the uninstall process shown in this forum, removed V65, rebooted, installed V73 and also V74 and both have the same problem - random disconnects after a few minutes online.

Background - I had been running the V65 client for some time with no issues. It was only when it started dropping connection regularly in the last 2 weeks that I upgraded. No other changes have been made to the machine the client is installed on during this time.


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    That sounds like the issue could be on the network itself, as it wouldn't just stop working on its own for no reason. Can you generate me a debug log from the application (preferably using v74) so I can look at what's going on with the VPN? The generated ID is safe to post online but you can also send it privately if you prefer.
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