Proxy on PS4

Is it possible to use PIA on a PS4 using proxies? is it safe? 

I am sure if this is a frequently asked question, but I was not able to find any answer. 


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    Not possible, at least not with just the PS4. It's possible to use a router and flash DD-WRT on it, or you can build a pfSense router with an old computer and then use one of the guides on PIA's website to configure it with PIA. Another option is to connect a computer to PIA normally but also run a proxy server on it, and then configure the PS4 to use that which will end up connecting it to PIA.

    All solutions will add latency which you may not like if you play a lot online. We've had several reports that Sony blocks PIA's servers so you may also not be able to use the PSN with PIA.
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