2 VPN’s on 1 router

I live in Canada and am going to setup a VPN in the US. But is it possible to have 2 different IP addresses on one router? In other words I only want 1 device to connect to the US VPN. The other devices I want to leave as my address in Canada. Any suggestions?


  • So you want to set up your router so you can VPN to a US Server, but still maintain access to your Canadian ISP address. Is that correct?

    Well you might be able to do some creative routing so certain website are routed via your CAISP (Canadian ISP) while the rest go to the USVPN. If you have only a select few Canadian sites you visit you can try and use the HOST file to redirect to the CAISP IP address.

    Can't say any of this will work, but one will only find out by trying. I would use IPLEAK.net and WHOER.net as the test sites. Access one via VPN and setup dynamic routing or Host file for the other. See if it works.
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    If you have only one device you want to use the VPN with it's probably a lot easier to just install the VPN on that one device.

    It's definitely doable, I've done it before. It just depends on how much time and effort you're willing to put into it as you'll have to set up the firewall to behave differently based on which client it is.
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