Improving connectibility with private trackers

I've configured PIA in my uTorrent client to work in SOCKS5 proxy, as well as with the Windows VPN client. Both approaches work, however both also seem to drastically reduce my peer connectability. Not such a big deal with public trackers, where there are thousands in a swam, but on private trackers where one must maintain a positive ratio, it can be very difficult to upload/seed enough. Is there a good option for protecting myself on private trackers that require a 1:1 ratio? 

I've tried enabling Port Forwarding from within the PIA client, and configuring uTorrent to use that port. It seems to be setup correctly, however I am upload zero. Zilch. Nada. Not even a kilobyte. 

I am wondering if there are some settings I can enable from within uTorrent that could increase my connectibility, even if it comes at the cost of potential leaks? I'm looking at three settings underneath the "Proxy Privacy" section:

* Disable all local DNS lookups
* Disable features that leak identifying information
* Disable connections unsupported by the proxy

Note that I'm using uTorrent Build 29544 (an older version). Also, if there are newer torrenting clients out there that could improve my connectibility, I'm all ears. Thanks!


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    Due to malware issues I abandoned uTorrent years ago, so I'm not well qualified to give usage suggestions about it, other than to say it would be wise to junk it. A safe alternative would be qBittorrent, and it's open source and highly configurable.

    As to private trackers, I can well relate to your concerns. Even under the best of circumstances it's difficult if not impossible to seed back 1:1 of anything you download, especially when you're competing with other members who use seed boxes. Because of that I'm hardly ever able to seed back 100% of what I've downloaded. You'll have to find other approaches to keeping a high ratio. But the first thing to verify is whether or not you're "connectable." I wouldn't count on PIA's SOCKS5 proxy to get you there. It's too unstable and PIA hasn't put forth one iota of effort in many months now to fix it.

    Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to make sure you've disabled uTP. The bittorrent protocol doesn't play well over vpns with uTP enabled and most BT apps come configured with uTP enabled. Many BT apps don't even have an option to disable uTP at all.
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