PIA tells me my card info needs updating, I update it and they have charged me for three years!!!

PIA keeps telling me I need to update my card details, so I do and then they charge my card for another year each time... They have charged me for three years of services just this month because each time I try to update my card details they just charge me again... Can anyone from PIA help resolve this and get me my money back?


  • I really hope someone gets to respond to this from PIA... because right now they have charged me three times!!!! 
  • Hey @Fixitplease

    I'm very sorry to hear that. Have you opened a ticket with us yet? 

    If you have, could you let me know the ticket number so I can look into this further? 
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    @Fixitplease while PIAAustin takes care of your ticket, I just wanted to explain for you and the others what's likely happening there (based on the little amount of information we have): there's a high chance the charges you see on your credit card right now are "Pending" test charges to verify the new credit card information, but only one of them should be validated when the system processes the actual renewal overnight. The other charges should disappear within a few days as they won't be validated. This usually happens when the card is declined for some reason (mismatched name or address most of the time), which leaves the authorization behind.

    If it turns out we did charge you multiple times, don't worry we'll make sure to refund those for you and escalate the issue to the developers to prevent it from happening again to someone else.

    If anyone else has the same issue please also open a ticket with us so the support staff can check and refund the extra charges as needed.
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