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Lifehacker has named us a top 5 VPN.  Please help us and vote for us on the poll at the bottom:

Thank you!


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    wow, where is liquidvpn and hidemyass ,they arent on that list
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    wow, where is liquidvpn and hidemyass ,they arent on that list
    Well, I am just glad that lifehacker is doing this.

    Here is a clickable link:
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    I always value an informed opinion over any popularity poll.
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    Where do we vote? I saw the results but didn't see a place to vote.
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    Sorry but, I believe the poll is over now.  :(
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    And the winner is...(drumroll)...


    That was pretty close.
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    Awesome, I always knew it was going to be PIA ;)
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    I think primoVPN should have been on the list too, I've been using it and they offer great customer service ;)
  • I haven't tried using PIA. I think I should also consider using this one since it won. But I'm pretty amazed that HMA isn't on the list. Just saying.
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  • PIA always be rite choice for torrenting, p2p file sharing and almost all other daily uses!  
  • PIA is an awesome choice! Cyberghost is there too, hope next time VPNWise will be there also. Not really a fan of HMA, tried them once but maybe we're not really made for each other as I find them complicated to use (probably it's just me)/
  • Hidemyass is not one I'd recommend 
    Read past stories, not an isolated one :
    LulzSec Suspect Learns Even Has Limits

    Google "VPN Services best services anonymity" for more findings

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    1. privateinternetaccess
    2. Hidemyass 
    3. Express VPN

    A big list of Best VPN
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    Can automatically tell it's not a legit list if hidemyass is number two.
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    I agree. If HMA is on the list at all, then the list should be disregarded. I for one will never forget their betrayal of their customers. I am just glad I never used them.
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    @Khariz, I just assume any such "reviews" are paid reviews if they include HMA. But then I wouldn't put it past PIA to also comp for favorable "reviews." To believe that any alleged reviewer could be unbiased when they're being financially compensated for a review would be naive in the extreme. But as you say, having HMA receive a favorable review, when they openly admit they log (even though they're not legally required to do so), and their history shows they have no qualms about handing over records to LEO, completely disqualifies not just that review, but anything that "reviewer" might have to say in the future. I not only would never consider using HMA under any circumstances, I also warn everyone I can to stay clear of them.
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    @matth1, no need to apologize. Ignorance is accepted here, especially when it's done with the politeness you evidence. Thanks also for the HMA stats.

    "Total, the company providers over 800 servers that are in 193 countries."

    Gee, that's kind of pathetic. I thought HMA was much bigger than that. PIA has almost 4 times that number of servers. And they won't sell you out to the authorities as HMA does. Oh, and HMA is also considerably more expensive than PIA. Now please help us understand why it is you think HMA "iis is the best vpn around." Or is it just because you're an affiliate and maybe you get the best referral fees from them?
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    The user matth1 is "r10237:7" for the referral link. I will be watching for yet more affiliate spam from this link.
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    Oh wow! That's really funny!

    And the mods just deleted his comment and banned him. How incredibly tacky to be posting referral links on a competitors' forum.
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    It's based on which provider pays "affiliates" the most for new sign-ups
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    Actually, PIA is really excellent and often better rated than others VPN. Many reviews of Private Internet Access give it 5 stars!
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