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I am running a Zgemma H2S using a build called iPab and would like to set up my PIA account to work on the Zgemma box. I don't know where to start, I'm OK at following step by step instructions but don't know where to turn first as any Zgemma/VPN guides I find aren't specific to PIA so thought I would turn to the official forum.


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    I've never heard of this device but the steps required to get OpenVPN on it seems fairly complicated (involving manually installing an OpenVPN binary itself?).

    As it seems to use OpenVPN directly however, you probably can get away with using one of our OpenVPN profiles directly. If there's any setting you're not sure what to put in, just post here and we'll see if we can figure it out :)
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    If you are using the Zgemma (crap box, BTW) to stream (torrents) or using something like Oscam / CCCam then you are wise to want to use a VPN.
    The way to go is to use a VPN enabled router between your Zgemma and your ISP router.
    I use the AR300M - you can read more about it here: https://www.gl-inet.com

    PS. do yourself a favour a buy a decent (enigma 2) box.

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    Thank you for the replies.

    I have followed some instructions based on installing IP Vanish thinking that the steps can't be too different. The steps are broken into 2 parts:

    1: Getting/editing the VPN files to upload them to the Zgemma
    2. Activating the VPN once files are uploaded to the Zgemma

    I'm fine with part 2. In terms of part 1 the IP Vanish instructions are:

    Files we need are ca.ipvanish.com.crt
    And choose a .ovpn file (server)
    Copy both files into the folder you created on your desktop
    Rename your chosen .ovpn (server) Client.conf
    Right click on Client.conf and open with notepad.
    Move line 7 down and enter into the now empty line 7 auth-nocache
    Move line 13 down and enter , auth-user-pass login.txt
    Save this edited file by pressing blue floppy disk top right
    Press file , new
    Line 1- type ipvanish username 
    Line 2 - type ipvanish password
    Save as login.txt , saving as login should be enough as it should auto add the .txt

    I've now got the CRT file (in PIA case it is "ca.rsa.2048.crt" and the OVPN file. The bit where I am lost is the section highlighted in bold above. When I open the OVPN file in notepad all of the text is one one long line so the next steps of moving line 7 down etc aren't very useful.

    If I paste into word it is organised into lines but not the same layout as for IPVanish. I've found an existing entry in the PIA code for "auth-user-pass" so have updated that as per the instructions above. The only thing remaining is where to place the "auto-nocache" entry.

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    I think what they are having you do is to add 2 commands to the .ovpn file. Those commands are:


    auth-user-pass login.txt

    So you will move your cursor down to the 7th line in the file and hit enter to insert a new line. Enter the auth-nocache in that blank space. Move your cursor to the 13th line and hit enter inserting a blank line. Type auth-user-pass login txt into that blank space. After those command are entered you can save the .ovpn file.

    Then, they want you to create a file called

    You can use any text editor for that. My favorite text editor is Notepad++. Very east to use. anyway...

    That file login.txt will have you username on one line, then password on next line. Only two lines in that file. Save that file and put it in the same folder as the cert file and the .ovpn config file.

    That should do it.
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     When I open the OVPN file in notepad all of the text is one one long line so the next steps of moving line 7 down etc aren't very useful.
    Yeah that's an encoding issue with how notepad handles new lines. You can workaround that by opening the file with a better text editor. I personally use the good old Notepad++ on Windows as it's light and simple, perfect for editing configuration files like this.

    The line number on which the options are added have no importance, so don't worry about the exact line numbers (but everything being on one line is an issue tho, so you definitely need to open it with a text editor that doesn't mangle it all).
  • Thanks all - managed to get it sorted in the end. Also had to move across an additional file for this to work (a .pem file from the openvpn PIA download provided earlier in this thread.

    Have checked it to see if it's working correctly and all running as it should be!
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