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I'm a Brit - now 73, and with due respect to my last (and most faithful) brain cell  I know begger all - so please bear with me.

I recently bought a Mag254 to benefit from IPTV  - 
it's all working fine but I'm of the opinion that ISP's may start blocking things and want a VPN.
some research led me to buy an ASUS RT-N66U router for this task (it's not arrived yet)

I appreciate that there are many guides on the main website to help me get set up ...
but I wonder if I actually need the Asus? - can a VPN be set up on the Mag254 itself?

I'm quite well versed with Andoid OS - but Linux is alien to me.
any comments at all are welcome, and if I need a kick in the head I won't take it to heart.
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    Doing a quick search on that Mag254 thing, I would be surprised if it had any form of VPN support so you will need something external to VPN it. You may not need the Asus router however if you can use another computer on your network to serve that duty. We don't have guides for it as it's not really VPN support at this point, but you can set up Internet sharing on any computer on your network and share the virtual VPN adapter. You'll then just need to configure the Mag254 with a static IP and to use that computer as its default route instead of your router, and it should work!

    The router setup is likely the easier route however as the guides are already there for it and it's just a box you can plug in the middle and not have to worry about.
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    thank you Max,
    to be fair I didn't have any high hopes for the Mag so will probably go for putting the Asus between my Plusnet router and the Mag ...
    or possibly even using the Asus as my only router if Plusnet will allow that.
    perhaps I'm being very naive, but I'll give them a call tomorrow.
    my apologies for asking VPN type questions.
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    The way to go with IPTV is to use a VPN enabled router between your box (Mag, in this case) and your ISP router. The best way is a router that can run one of the WRT builds (OpenWRT / DD WRT etc). I have tried many and now use a GL AR300M - it's idiot proof (I set it up in minutes where as "raw" WRT takes some learning, know-how and brain power).
    Have a looke here: https://www.gl-inet.com/. The also have a great help forum!

    PS. your oroter won't work in place of the ISP one unless it has a modem built in
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