Port Forwarding with Viscosity OpenVPN

Howdy. I'm connecting to PIA servers through Viscosity. 

Can someone provide an easy to follow, step-by-step walk-through that will allow me to enable port forwarding through Viscosity?

Neither PIA's nor Viscosity's support team has been able to help me.

Though I can get inside the terminal, and know what it is, I'm not savvy in the technical side of that space.

I'd love it if someone could begin with how to download PIA's API, configure port forwarding supported PIA servers within Viscosity, and determine which port is set to forward (since PIA cycles these) so that I can queue Transmission's peer listening port.

Thanks much.


  • Oh, and I should add, this request is for support with Mac OS X.
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    I would recommend having a look at this thread and maybe asking there for specific issues. There are a couple of scripts posted by forum members there that are pretty close to doing what you want to do. You should be able to just set them as scripts to run once the VPN is connected in Viscosity.
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