BT Home Hub 6

I have been using PIA with my home hub for the last 2 years.
Recently I had to replace the hub, for another one the same.
Now PIA will not work with the hub and PIA tell me they dont support my hub, despite its been working for 2 years!!
Does anyone else use the BT Home Hub 6? Do you know of any specific setup needed to make it work?
Thank you


  • It is possible that the new hub 6 has firmware/software that might be pointing to a different directory or file location. This shouldn't be too difficult if you post the event logs from your device. Even then you might be able to locate the issue by reading your event log. I am sure you will find the problem.
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    I don't know this router so I won't be able to help you much on it unless you can provide the raw OpenVPN logs so we can see exactly why it's failing, but I just wanted to add some clarification to the support's response:
    and PIA tell me they dont support my hub, despite its been working for 2 years!!
    "Supporting" a device involves a bit more than whether it works or not and whether we have a guide for it or not. But this usually boils down to two different key points:
    • We cannot train agents or write guides for devices we have never heard of, which means that right off the start we don't know if the VPN will/can work on it, and if it does work we still have no idea how to configure it without asking you to screenshot every screen in the configuration UI. That would make for a pretty terrible customer experience and would make us look essentially incompetent. You'd be surprised the expectations people have from our support, so it's important to limit it to what we know we can support properly. I'm already surprised we even bother supporting DD-WRT considering how buggy and unreliable some builds are (it's not uncommon for tickets to be escalated to me only to have to tell customers "sorry, your DD-WRT build is broken beyond repair, we can't do anything to make it work", and that never goes well).

    • When a device is supported, there is an expectation for the service to work perfectly on it. Therefore, we only support things we know will reliably work and perform well. So if you use our services on it because we accepted a community guide as documentation and your data leaks because something went wrong, you'd be rightfully angry at us our services did nothing to protect you. When a device is not supported, there can't be any expectation of it working and you assume full responsibility of what happens if it fails.
    So yeah, unsupported really just means we don't give official support for it. That doesn't mean in any way it can't work or that we can't help you with it on the forums :)
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