No nvidia shield option through Play Store?

I've been a loyal customer for a few years now, but have just realized that you have not developed PIA to work with the nvidia shield yet (which I recently purchased).

You really need to find a way to support this product, as it is simply the best android box out there (check the forums and reviews).  Also, people have indicated this is a problem since 2015!

I am going to attempt to side-load PIA, but it is annoying to have to do so.  It would be great if you fixed this prior to my subscription renewal date in 35 days.



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    I can't comment on why we don't support the NVIDIA Shield as I don't make those decisions, but if I remember correctly we decided to not support that specific device due to some issues. The little Googling I've done suggests that the OpenVPN Connect app does work on the Shield so you can always try with that. We have a guide on our website that should work (minus the UI bits specific to the Shield).
  • I'm in the same boat :). Sucks that there is no support
  • Same here I have just purchase the and it worked fine on my other two stream boxes but will not work on Nvidia Shield.
    This is not good that one of the best boxes out there is not supported. I guess my only option is to cancel and find something that is comparable to all my devices.
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