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 I've always been able to send email, and all of a sudden I am unable to since 19 October. I've send an email which had gone unanswered so far. 

As this is the second time within a year... Really? What did you do now?


  • @LiefKleinikje Before someone comes in to help with the technicals, maybe I can help simplify the source of the problem.

    May I ask which email service provider you're referring to? There is a chance it blocked one or some of PIA's IP addresses due to abuse from other users. It's also possible that the receiving party has your email provider blocked (happened to me occasionally while using Riseup).

    I would recommend you first try sending an email to yourself. If you never get that, you can rule out the receiving party being at error.

    Next, try using the web interface if the provider has one. If that email goes through, then you know it's something to do with the connection to the mail server and can get more specific help.
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    turn off pia - send email - turn on pia
  • @LiefKleinikje, I'm really sorry for this issue! I just took a look at your ticket, and I have sent a reply.
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