Encryption settings on macOS v75

Upgraded to v75 on macOS.  Advanced settings allows changes to 'connection', but not to 'encryption'.  Is that a bug or is it deliberate?


  • @gilby101, you should be able to scroll down through the advanced settings to change encryption. They've just been moved to the bottom now :smile:
  • Oh yes!  Silly me...
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    @gilby101 If that makes you feel any better, you're not the first one and won't be the last asking about that one ;) It's not particularly obvious given it has always been its own button for a really long time :)
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    Can anyone help me out here. Just wondering if the new update has stopped the "app preventing sleep" issue on OSX. Open Apps > Utilities > Activity Monitor > View > Columns > Preventing sleep and if it says yes on the PIA app then the issue still remains
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