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I'm going on a cruise soon and I know from previous experience that the "Free" onboard internet blocks pretty much everything except stupid social media and email ( they reserve the right to collect your data) - even PIA is blocked, including Forum access.

Is there anyway to bypass/beat the block list?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hello @jbrown0,

    Unfortunately, Public WiFi is tricky to connect to because most public WiFi's block (blacklist) VPN use such as banks, school, hotels, (cruises, in your case), etc to connect to their service. Public WiFi issues falls outside of our support as it is the responsibility of a 3rd party. Unfortunately, blacklisting of IP's is a very common problem with VPNs. Most WiFi areas will not connect due to how that certain WiFi has been set up. Since this service can be set up a many number of ways, it is virtually impossible to allow our VPN to connect to every single one.

    In a nutshell, a public WiFi service will only allow connections if the WiFi network can detect and know who the IP address is or where it is coming from. A VPN masks this feature. Therefore, a public WiFi service will not allow a connection with the VPN turned on (in most cases. Every setup is different).

    I apologize for any inconvenience!
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    jbrown0, does it allow Google domains (email, search, translate, etc)? This won't solve your overall issue, but if you're desperate for simple access to some websites and find them to be blocked on the cruise, just remember that English<>English is basically a proxy :)
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I realise that PIA has no control over this type of action.

    The cruise line either operates the blocklist from its onboard servers ( applies to both my iPad when connected via wireless and to their onboard internet cafe pcs).

    The connection from the ship would have to be by satellite as connection is still available even when at sea.

    snOwmonster, I'll try your suggestion once onboard.

    Having a blocklist is pretty pathetic considering the connection speed available, especially with most passengers accessing their social media from their phones or tablets - gets pretty congested.

    I generally am only interested in accessing the news sites from home, and generally do this very early in the morning or late at night when most are still asleep or partying.

    thanks again.
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    It could be worth seeing if you can connect to the HTTPS proxies directly by IP. it's not really documented but it's what the Chrome extension uses and easy to find out. The only catch is that since it's not documented, you should expect and be prepared for it to move or stop working at any time.

    You just have to add "https-" in front of the usual hostnames on our network page, and use the "ping" utility or anything of your choice to convert that into an IP address. Make sure that you enable authentication with your username+password and use port 443 or 444. Unfortunately the extension uses DNS which gives it away immediately, so you'll have to set it up manually in your browser.

    Unfortunately there's no generic solution for those situations as the workarounds pretty much depend on how the restrictions are implemented in the first place, and what clues they use. In this particular situation I imagine they probably block about everything that's not HTTP/HTTPS traffic, so that leaves little options to use to bypass this.
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    thanks Max-P

    cant recall ( last cruise 6 mths ago) but pretty sure that I could access Google searches.

    Couldnt access these forums though, or PIA's home page.

    have installed InBrowser  ( and will give that a try on next week's cruise.

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