Weird torrenting issue with PIA

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So, I've been using PIA for about a year now. I haven't had any problems with torrenting, until now. Normally I use port forwarding, and disable Micro Transfer Protocol on my client (Transmission for Mac). And boom, it works at roughly the same speed as when I turn PIA off. 

However, out of nowhere, my connection has gotten really slow. If I lower the encryption of PIA (I like to have full settings), the speed increases significantly, but not to where it used to be. Right now, I only get about half the speed, using the same setup with lower encryption. 

I'm actually wondering if my ISP is throttling the connection, because I've recently used PIA with other connections, and had no problems with this (i.e I was able to get full speed there too). 

Any tips? 

Please and thank you! :smile:
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