Windows VPN firewall rules & Ruby interpreter (GUI) 1.9.3p551

I just installed VPN software on Windows 7
I used this file   pia-v75-installer-win.exe

I think it added a a file in my C:\users\XXX\appdata\local\temp\ocrfce7.tmp\bin\rubyw.exe
Ruby interpreter (GUI) 1.9.3p551 [i386-mingw32] (rubyw.exe)

This file requested Firewall access during the install i allowed it.
Is this only need during install or is it required to run your VPN software?

As i disabled that firewall rule and i am still connected (VPN) but maybe it is needed for some other reason like at boot time.
I run cleaner software and that temp directory it was installed in will most likely get cleaned.

Also i found a firewall rule added right after the above rule, that just has random 25 character name that is blocking these outbound ports ::/1,8000::/1
I think this might have been added when i selected "IPv6 Leak protection" in the VPN software settings .
If someone can explain if this is from the VPN software install, i will rename this entry so i know what it is for and what it is related to as it only block those ports out going traffic, no name or file to explain where the rule came from.

Thanks for any help.


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    Yes, that firewall entry is indeed for the IPv6 leak protection. I think it's named as such so that it can't possibly conflict with the name of any other rule, so I don't think you can change it without making PIA either think it's missing and add it back, or break IPv6 leak protection.

    As for the firewall permissions, yes the app definitely needs to be able to connect to the Internet as that's how it refreshes the list of servers to be able to connect later on. Everything the app does network-wise has been documented here on the forums but if you have any more questions regarding what port or request does feel free to ask!
  • Thanks Max-P, That clears that up for me. Just odd if the rubyw app is needed you would think that they would install it in a normal directory and not in local\temp directory. I can change other fields in that IPv6 firewall rule to tell me it is from PIA openvpn software and leave the random name.
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