linux - torrent client - eth1 or tun0?

linux mint 17.3, qbittorrent ( and Tixati or Frostwire)

Should the torrnt client be set to eth1 or tun0 with PIA?

torrents seldom reach above 300KiB/s (the exception being linux .iso's), although normally downloads can reach 1.5 Mb/s



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    The VPN interface is tun0, so you should use that with your torrent clients. 

    For speeds, are you using port forwarding? Generally speed issues with torrents are due to:

    • uTP (bandwidth management) throttling your connection because it detects the latencies inherent in using a VPN as a poor quality connection
    • Or simply too many maximum global connections/per-torrent peers

    I'd recommend enabling port forwarding, disabling uTP and possibly lowering your allowed number of connections to see if your speeds can be improved.
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