PIA Client failes to connect Linux Mint 18.2

I've just installed the PIA client on Linux Mint 18.2 and when I try to connect it shows as connecting but then after a minute of so it shows as disconnected.  Any ideas or suggestions?


  • Install it this way, very easy and works every time.

    From the terminal in the PIA folder in your Home you put the tar file into:

    1) Extract file:

    tar -xvf pia-v74-installer-linux.tar.gz

    2) Tell OS to proceed:

    chmod +x pia-v74-installer-linux.sh

    3) Run installer:

  • Use v74, no need for v75
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    the alternative to setting the eXecute bit (chmod +x) is just to pull the script file into the shell line-by-line:

    . ./pia-v74-installer-linux.sh

    (note: it's a '.' then a ' ' then the './' at the head of the line above)
  • martouf, this works flawlessly every single time. Every single time.
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    "this"  .. you mean "chmod +x" ?  i didn't say it didn't work. setting the execute bit tells the shell to automagically do something almost the same as ". ./yer-script.sh"
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