Linux Mint 18.2 - cannot connect when disconnecting VPN

I have no issues with PIA connecting and providing me with a VPN connection.  However, when I send email (I use Thunderbird) the message will not go out.  My ISP (COX) apparently blocks PIA IPs.  Under Windows I simply disconnect PIA and send my message.  I am also able to browse etc.  Under Mint when I do the same thing I lose all connectivity and am unable to browse or send email.  I am using V75.  I have a wired connection.  I have put PIA DNS numbers into the network configuration.  I'm not sure what to do next as I am still trying to learn the subtleties of Mint (Windows too for that matter).  Any thoughts?  Thanks. 


  • @Joesph66 That's bizarre! My gut tells me that if your ISP isn't blocking the normal connection, it shouldn't be blocking the one just for email unless it blocks email completely, but I'm not tech support. It's best if you file a proper support ticket if you can't get it working. Paste the ticket ID# here if you want to keep this discourse going publicly.

    A few things I would try if I were you:

    1. Send myself an email to my own email account while connected to PIA to make sure it's not the recipient that is having the troubles (I use Riseup and I too suffered from this problem with Thunderbird, turned out the receiving mail service was blocking it)
    2. Try using the webmail website for your email provider (if one exists) while connected to PIA to see if that works.
    3. If both of these work but your issue persists, tech support ticket is best.
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    I believe his email has to be white-listed. There have been other occurrences of this posted on the PIA forums before.
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  • I've reconciled myself to the email issue. 

    The problem is that my network connection behaves differently under Windows when I disconnect from the VPN than it does when I disconnect from the VPN in Mint. 
    I can still access the internet (disconnected) under Windows but I can't access it under Mint (disconnected). 

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