Setting up Proxy with uTorrent issue

Followed directions in other threads but since using the proxy I have noticed my downloads speeds are VERY slow but the upload speed increased tremendously since using the proxy

Socks5, got my user name and pass generated on the PIA site.

I am not sure what boxes need ticked/unticked under "authentication" and "proxy privacy"

*****Also does anyone have a guide to speeds and what other settings I should be using with uTorrent?


  • Hello Marty. Have you tries setting up our port forwarding option? We reccomend that to to potentially optimize torrent performance. Let me know if you would like me to provide you with step by step directions.
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    I set up my torrent according to this thread. I also use the NL Proxy.

    Depending on the number of seeds and their connections will depend on what speed I will see. The max I personally have ever seen for me is 3.5MBps. I only have a 50Mbps channel so I am happy with that.
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