PIA Client Will Not Connect

No matter what I put the settings on, the PIA Client will not connect - AV & firewall both disabled.  Also launched as admin.

It hangs on Connecting .... for a while, then Disconnects.


  • The OpenVPN Client *will* connect - but I cannot configure port forwarding in it.
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    Issues connecting can be due to quite a few different issues, but seeing a debug log is always useful. Would you mind sending one in and creating a ticket with the log ID? It would also be helpful to know: 

    -What security software you're using
    -Any other troubleshooting you've tried
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  • @Max-P - this is the thread I started for the problem I emailed you the logs on.  :)

    Should I try uninstalling PIA and OpenVPN, then ensuring both the directories and registry are clear?  Or any other troubleshooting?  As I say, the OpenVPN client connects fine, just can't use port forwarding (or the other options in the PIA client).
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    @DeathStalker Yes, a full reinstallation could be worth trying including a reboot to make sure everything is properly unloaded. If it still fails to connect, please send logs again (at maxime+ft28765@londontrustmedia.com).

    As for OpenVPN and port forwarding, it is actually possible and all the details for it are documented here . On Windows, you can do the same with the following:
    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri ""
    Shouldn't need to change the client_id as I just generated a fresh one . Run this in PowerShell within 2 minutes of connecting OpenVPN and it will give you a port number just like the client.
  • Ok, I will try the uninstall, clean, and re-install and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks!  :)

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