Exiting PIA does not disconnect VPN on Mac OSX 10.13.1

Previously I was able to exit the PIA application and it would automatically disconnect the VPN. I could then later reopen PIA and reconnect. I would do this often to watch netflix. Ever since I upgraded to OSX 10.13.1, PIA no longer disconnects from VPN when I exit the PIA application. My IP address remains whatever the VPN IP was, and so I can't connect to netflix. Also, I am then unable to reopen the PIA application. PIA is no longer in the top bar and when I attempt to reopen the application, nothing happens. I am then forced to restart my computer to do anything with the VPN. I am able to disconnect from VPN before exiting PIA, but it is so engrained in me to simply exit the application that I do it without thinking, only then realizing I have to restart my computer. It's extremely frustrating. I reached out to PIA's support but they don't seem to understand what my issue is at all as they keep asking me to take screen shots or send log files but there is nothing to take a screen shot of and I have no way to generate the log file after the application has exited.


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    Hello @11PlusTwo I apologize that your interactions with the support staff have been frustrating. Usually the VPN would stay running in the background even after the app window is closed. This is a feature built into the app to protect your other running processes without needing the VPN settings window. The app should be staying in the system tray when you close the window. I'm actually surprised that the VPN was disconnecting when you closed the app previously. We would recommend that you make the habit of turning off the VPN by using the connection switch on the app interface. I apologize if this isn't what you where looking for. I hope this clears things up for you.
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    @11plustwo I'm not too familiar with Mac, but I've heard doing a full reinstallation of the application solves a lot of weird glitches with the High Sierra update. Have you tried that already?

    Otherwise, a temporary workaround for this could be to use an alternative client to connect to PIA. The app uses OpenVPN internally, and there are several generic OpenVPN applications for Mac that will allow you to connect to PIA too. One of them is Tunnelblick, for which we have a guide on our website. Lots of people use this one instead and it generally works very nicely since it's designed for Mac and only Mac.
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    Thanks @Max-P for the Tunnelblick recommendation. It's good to see that being done here.

    @11plustwo, please note a couple settings when you install Tunnelblick. Note also this has to be done individually for each and every .ovpn file you import.

    VPN Details > Configurations:
    Tick the boxes:
    Route all IPv4 traffic through VPN
    Reset the primary interface after disconnecting

    Other than that there's not much that can be configured in Tunnelblick. It's free but extremely limited. My go to OpenVPN app is Viscosity. Highly configurable and well worth the $9. Also more stable and reliable than Tunnelblick.
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