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At work, I use my personal laptop to connect to a VPN server so I could use remote desktop connect.  If I was connected to my work's VPN server and then start PIA, will my traffic be hidden from work?  Thanks!


  • As the two VPNs will be competing to do the same tasks, instead of "doubling up" on protection, you'll instead get naught but interference. As such, please make sure you're only using one VPN at a time.

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    It will work, but as @PIAJeffrey said there's a big chance they will interfere. You will need to indeed make sure to connect your work VPN first and then PIA. Please do note however that if either of those disconnect, the order into which they will reconnect is unpredictable and you can end up connecting to your workplace using PIA and have your traffic go through the workplace unexpectedly.

    So overall it's not the greatest idea. In general I would recommend keeping your work activities and personal/home activities separate.

    You may want to ask your IT department whether their VPN does a full redirection or only forwards the office's network: if it only attaches you to their network for the remote desktop, then both VPNs will actually play nicely together and your local browsing would go through PIA while your work browsing in your remote desktop session will go through work as normal.
  • Thanks for the replies!
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