Tap driver collision with OpenVPN on windows 10

I am using multiple VPN connections from my PC for work. OpenVPN community version 2.4.4 (+TAP) and OpenVPN connect 2.0.18.
They are working perfectly fine together. They problem happens when I am trying to have both the OpenVPN community and the PIA vpn connected. 
If the PIA tries to connect  while the OpenVPN community is running, it says that the TAP driver is wrong and should be reinstall.
If the PIA is running, the OpenVPN community wont connect. It seems that they both are trying to use the same TAP which can't be used by both.
Can this be solved so both would be able to run concurrently?

Note : The TAPs I see in the network settings are : 
TAP-Windows Adapter V9
TAP Adapter OAS NDIS 6.0 



  • Hi,
    It seems that the TAP Adapter OAS NDIS 6.0 is used by the OpenVPN connect 2.0.18 and is not relevant to my issue.
    Seems like both OpenVPN community and PIA are trying to use the TAP-Windows Adapter V9.

    Any ideas?
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    Do you know if your work VPN redirects your entire Internet connection too? That would be worth checking as if it does, this reply I just posted in another thread will also apply to your use case as well.

    Otherwise, the solution is usually to just add more TAP adapters to your system so you have enough for all the VPNs. Which one is used by which shouldn't really matter as the interface is reconfigured by OpenVPN on connect. OpenVPN ships with scripts for this in the "C:\Program Files\TAP-Windows\bin" directory. You should just need to right click on the addtap.bat script and select "Run as administrator". Just re-run the script to add as many TAPs as you need. If you need to remove them, simply run deltapall.bat instead (which will remove all of them).
  • Hi Map-P!

    Your information saved me :) The office VPN does not route the internet through it ( no need to, it just for letting us have access to the office servers). I added a tap just as you explained and PIA VPN connected perfectly. Then I re-run the TAP route commands the OpenVPN issue in order to have the office servers routing (route.exe ADD ...) and voilĂ  - I have both internet though PIA and office servers access.

    Thank you for the precise instructions!

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    I'm glad you got it working!  Technically I think you might not even need the route add commands as your office's routes should still be more precise than PIA's one, and routes should be processed from most specific to the least specific. But as we say... as long as it works :)
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