[Proxy] Error 10054 while attempting to connect to the SOCKS5 Proxy

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I'm trying to use the software Proxifier to force some applications to run with the PIA proxy.

I'm not sure this is the best method, if anyone can suggest other options to use the proxy with applications that do not have a "proxy setup" settings I'm open to alternatives.

So far if I try to connect to the proxy the Proxifier console log outputs the following:

[15:01] Testing Started.
Proxy Server
Address: proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com:1080
Protocol: SOCKS 5
Authentication: YES
Username: x8875886
[15:01] Starting: Test 1: Connection to the Proxy Server
[15:01] IP Address:
[15:01] Connection established
[15:01] Test passed.
[15:01] Starting: Test 2: Connection through the Proxy Server

And then it stays stuck there. IF I tick an option to use the proxy regardless of the testing results I get the error:

[12.06 15:11:49] chrome.exe *64 - beacons2.gvt2.com:443 error : Could not connect through proxy proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com:1080 - Reading proxy replay on a connection request failed with error 10054

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  • It appears that the SOCKS5 proxy had some issues earlier today, but it appears to be all back to normal now. Sorry for the downtime!
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