Giving up

I am a senior who is not at all tekky. My son fixes issues on my computer. I have had more problems with PIA this past 4 weeks than ever in the 2 years I have had it. Reading the discussions show  there are others with the same problems, esp with Windows 10. Is there a general problem? (i.e. the icon stayed red but the website said I was protected. Now the manifest file is missing or unreadable, and on and on.)


  • Hi there! I'm really sorry you've had so much trouble with the app recently. There are a few specific ways that the app tends to fail (e.g. getting stuck connecting), but these symptoms can often have a number of different underlying causes. Do you have any antivirus software on your computer? It sounds like the tray (red robot icon) was having difficulty communicating with the app manager to reflect the proper connection status, and the manifest file issue is usually due to antivirus interference. 
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