Auto-Reconnect on disconnect?

I've noticed that PIA has been disconnecting from my computer quite often when my connection is flaky.  Is there a way to have it reconnect automatically instead of just dropping?


  • I would like to know this too, did you find any solution?
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    Same, would love to find a solution. I recently switched from Linux to Windows (:sadface:) and on linux it automatically reconnects but on both my windows machines it disconnects when the computer goes to sleep or when I shut the laptop lid. I looked in advanced settings but I don't see an auto-reconnect option. I have to manually enable it. 

    Anybody have a solution? 
  • response from customer service:

    If your internet connection is experiencing frequent disconnection, you may often need to manually reconnect. The app should reconnect in many situations, but if the disconnection is lengthy, or your actual IP changes the re-connection attempts will time out or the entry point of the tunnel will change, requiring a manual re-initiation of the connection. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    If you are concerned about your security during these times, the killswitch feature, found in advanced settings, will prevent internet traffic when you are not connected to the VPN.
  • I said: "not the answer I was hoping for..."
    Their quick response:

    I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. The VPN connection requires a stable connection to maintain its own stability, requiring the use of handshakes and temporary keys to maintain absolute security, this is unfortunately just a part of the technology at this time.

    I am passing a suggestion along to the developers on you behalf for a feature like "always attempt reconnect" to allow for the app to attempt a new connection indefinitely and start over if all timeouts occur. I am sorry that there is currently no workaround to currently achieve this.

    Lets hope they are able to build a feature in like that....
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    Thanks for following up on this @NicoleClicquot !

    I never had this problem with the Linux PIA and I recently just installed Windows on the same machine (replaced Linux). Seems odd it would automatically reconnect with Linux but not so much with Windows. 
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    I have a stable internet connection from the ISP, but power failures in our area from time to time (like maybe not even once or twice a month, but sometime more frequently) causes my internet to drop. When travelling for work, it has previously meant days of unprotected internet use at home. For many work related reasons I cannot enable the kill switch option for my setup.

    The issue of frequent power failures is reality in many developing countries. If PIA can make auto reconnect on failure/disconnect a priority it would satisfy many similar scenarios. My motivation for asking PIA to prioritise this is also due to the fact that it is a paid service with expectaion for sustained safe internet use. I hope it gets implemented soonest :smile:

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    I would recommend visiting our helpdesk feedback page here and providing this same feedback there. Our team will review it and if requested enough and viable they will likely implement it.
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