Announcing the New Beta Program for the Desktop Application

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Hello everyone!

Today we are announcing the opening of our new beta program for the desktop application in order to help test new releases and help us uncover bugs before they make it into release!

Should I join?

It depends. While we do our best to make sure our betas are as bug-free as possible through our internal quality assurance process, these are beta releases. The very purpose of this program is to catch bugs with a limited, more technical audience before it is released to a wider audience.

If you depend on the PIA application to work reliably for your daily activities, you probably don't want to join the beta program and should wait for the official releases.

If you like testing shiny new features and releases before everyone else and you are ready to have to tinker and possibly workaround a situation where you are left without a VPN and have no issues with having to possibly downgrade back to stable, this might be for you!

How do I join?

Joining the beta program is easy! Simply login in to your Customer Control Panel on our website. There is a new section under the password changing section to join the beta program. Simply click on the button and follow the instructions there!

Once joined, you will be provided with:
  • A download link to the latest beta release
  • A short changelog of what this release introduces since the last public release
  • An email address to send any feedback you have for this version.

Please note that at the moment, you can only participate in the testing of one platform. We may also limit the amount of people that can join the program for each platform as necessary.
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