Crawling speeds using Deluge. Help!

So I just started using PIA, and now my Deluge fucking crawls when I download. I've attached a picture of my bandwidth, proxy, and network settings. Anyone see anything glaringly obvious? I'm a super noob so not really sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm using the settings provided in the article about optimizing Deluge for speed but that was before I started using PIA. When I'm not connected it flies (5-10mbps), but as soon as I connect to PIA it crawls (100kbps)..



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    Yea same here.
    As soon as Deluge starts up, the ping goes from 20 to 1800
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    Switched to Proxy..... screaming along now.


    Verify working:

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    uTP and vpn don't play well together, so you've got to be able to disable uTP rate limiting.  The problem is most BT apps don't have any way of disabling uTP. Deluge doesn't have any way of disabling uTP rate limit out of the box either. From what I recall you can access such an option by installing a Deluge plugin, but I haven't used Deluge recently enough to tell you which plugin to download and how to configure it either.

    Let me suggest you just use a BT app that directly supports that out of the box, such as qBittorrent.
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    I have been using Deluge for years with PIA. Sure I don't get my 89MB+ speeds with vpn, but 20k is horrid. This issue new within the last week for me. Fortionalty my PIA sub is about to expire, so I am no locked into a wasted year. I will try qBittorrent.

    Also to anyone else reading : DO NOT DROP VPN if you torrent.
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    canadian_anon, I would use port forwarding.  Connect to an AP that supports forwarding (CA Montreal, CA Toronto or CA Vancouver).  Once you're connected, hover your mouse over the tooltip and get the forwarded port number.  Set that in Deluge as your incoming port.  Test using the button, should be green.  I would also set the interface to your local VPN IP (should be in the 10.x.x.x range, in Windows, try IPCONFIG from a command line).  This will ensure that Deluge doesn't leak when the VPN is down.  There are scripts for various OS to automate this, I use Windows so I run a powershell script to set it.

    The next thing is to install the ITconfig plugin for Deluge.  Use this to turn off uTP and only use TCP for torrents.

    That should get you decent speeds
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